Sex Therapy

Connection and Satisfaction


  I help people struggling with issues of sex and intimacy to maximize their fulfillment and connection and to enjoy satisfying sexual expression. 

Sex Therapy

A flourishing sex life is possible.

You may be feeling hopeless that you will ever get to enjoy a satisfying sex life.  You might feel an acute sense of loss because sex is missing from your relationship or your physical capacity to have sex has suffered.  The fact is that it is possible to free yourself from the emotional issues that keep you separated from your own sexuality and expand your sense of what sex can be and how it can flourish in your life, despite physical limitations.

As an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, I believe sex is part of our human experience and we are all deserving.

Sexuality is a fundamental part of our human experience, but it doesn't always come naturally.  Even when it has been a source of joy and pleasure in the past, our sexual functioning can change over our life span; it can be effected by age, physical health, psychological issues and relationship dynamics, resulting in loss, grief and the need to adapt.

Pleasure and Joy


Sex is the physical expression of our innate drives for love, intimacy and pleasure.

Pleasure, joy, intimacy and connection.
When we get curious about your sexual health, we explore the factors that influence your sexual functioning and enjoyment, creating changes where possible, in order to expand your sense of pleasure, joy, intimacy and connection with yourself and others.

A Holistic Approach:  Uniting Sex and Spirit
Intensify your sexual and spiritual connection by combining body, mind, heart and spirit.  I am interested in helping you elevate your sexuality beyond the physical.  By gaining greater awareness of your body you will heighten your sexual pleasure and be able to connect profoundly with yourself and your lover. You can give and receive pleasure in abundance.

Sex Surrogacy
I do not provide surrogate partner services but you can locate a professional sexual surrogate partner through IPSA.

Mindfulness, Attunement, Eroticism and Tantra


Sexual health is a state of physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual well being in relation to sexuality.  

Connecting with your core energy and all of your sensory experiences is vital for satisfying sex.  Intimacy requires vulnerability.  

That sweet and sensitive openness that we all long for also requires us to search into our past where we were hurt and encourage ourselves to let down our defenses. 

Our ability as humans to eroticise sex separates us from animals.  Our romantic orientation can be very different from our erotic orientation.

Tantra shows us how to open our hearts, emotions and our sexuality.  In this context, sex is thought to expand consciousness.  Intimacy is pleasure oriented not goal directed, connecting with our partner more fully to be a more transformative experience rather that a recreational experience.