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Date Night~ Creating Sacred Space Within Your Relationship

Couples Wkshop Creating Sacred Space (pdf)


Testimonials for Workshop


"Margaret's breadth of knowledge and passion for the subject matter made this workshop unique, valuable and fun!  At the end of the workshop my husband thanked me for inviting him!  I would highly recommend for couples, new or experienced."  Iris Mickey. Certified yoga therapist. 2018

"I really appreciated the undistracted attention to one another and to stretching and growing our love, intimacy and relationship."  Brenda 2019

"Thank you for suggestions and providing the space for me to practice this.  My fears were unfounded" -C 2019

"I thought it was a great mix of of talking with my partner and moving physically with them as well.  Emphasizing there is no pass/fail was huge for both of us when it comes to our intimate life." Joe 2019

                 Next workshop February 15, 2020 11am-4pm (includes hour lunch)