Relationship Therapy


Individuals and Imago Relationship Therapy

I am a Certified Advanced Imago Relationship Therapist as well as an ASSECT Certified Sex Therapist.  I want to help you heal your past and get on with your future so you can learn to be more You, more alive and feel more at home in your relations than you've ever felt before. Or learn what's keeping you from creating the relationship of your dreams.  Individual sessions can help you learn what is holding you back from creating the relationship you want.  Often we are unconscious of the barriers we create with others and discovering where they come from can help to cognitively change behaviors and release them.

Couples and Imago Relationship Therapy

What is Imago?

Imago means image.  We all grow up with an image of love from our families we were raised in.  This image or imago influences us as we choose a partner.  The very forces which attract us to our partner later become sources of conflict.  Imago Relationship Therapy offers a new way to understand ourselves and our partners so that we can experience greater joy in our relationship.

Imago Relationship Therapy is a model for working with couples to build better relationships by providing tools for effective communication derived from decades of relationship data as well as current and ongoing brain research.  The Imago idea is that we select committed relationship partners with both a conscious and unconscious agenda.

Our unconscious agenda is to re-create the circumstances of our childhood wounding, although this time with the potential for healing.  Relationship struggles arise because the subconscious agenda is off our radar!  In order to complete the subconscious agenda, we select a partner that has the most potential to frustrate us by challenging us to grow into a more full self.

Bringing this agenda to consciousness is the first step towards healing wounds and seeing your part- ner as an ally and an equally wounded person in search of his/her own healing.  When couples mutually commit to the Imago processes, current struggles can be dissolved and wounds from childhood can begin to be healed, opening couples up to a deep loving and compassionate partnership.  Having the set of tools that Imago provides, can prepare couples to tackle all of life's future transitions in a positive, constructive and more effective way.

How does this happen?  It is through a process called Imago Dialogue.  This dialogue enables us to see our partner's view without judgement.  We understand their feelings and thereby increase safety and differentiation in our relationship.  The dialogue process helps each partner feel visible and unique. Imago couple's therapy provides a pathway for becoming conscious of the childhood experiences which greatly influence our patterns of perception and behavior.

Imago helps:

~Identify factors that lead to partner selection

~Create a safe structure for the safe expression of feelings

~Develop new communication skills which break destructive cycles of relating

~Learn about creating, repairing, and maintaining connection

~Transform life's journey toward wholeness, joyfulness and aliveness

Other Therapeutic Models I Utilize

I blend a variety of therapeutic models in my work with clients along with Imago Relationship Therapy and Sex Therapy including..

~Mindfulness, Guided Imagery and Meditation; 
~Cognitive Behavioral Therapy- changing thinking leads to change in affect and behavior and challenging patterns/beliefs;

~Adult Attachment Theory- exploring how attachment impacts relationship outcomes and how attachment functions in relationship dynamics. 
~Neuroscience-  the study of the human nervous system, the brain and the biological basis of consciousness, perception, memory and learning; 

~Family Systems Theory (Bowen)- views family as an emotional unit that cannot be understood in isolation to one another; 

~Internal Family Systems- the mind is made up of discrete subpersonalities each with it's own viewpoint, interests and memories and; 

~Tantric Sex- the art of sacred loving using body, breath and spirit to elevate your sexual pleasure beyond the physical. 

~4D Model by Gina Ogden- connecting body, mind, heart and spirit.