About Margaret Berg

My therapy practice focuses on restoring connection within the couple relationship and supporting individuals in their relational journey with Self and others. I am a Certified AASECT Sex Therapist and an Advanced Certified Imago Relationship Therapist.


I am a seasoned therapist in the field for over 24 years.  I  graduated in 1996 from Loyola University in Chicago with a Master of Clinical Social Work.  While in graduate school, I participated in two rotations at the Loyola Sexual Dysfunction clinic.  This is when I became passionate about sex and couple's work.  

I became certified as an Imago Relationship Therapist is 2010, Advanced status in 2017 and completed the Sexual Health Certificate Program in Ann Arbor in 2012; becoming an AASECT  Certified Sex Therapist in 2015. I  am a member of AASECT (American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists), the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and Imago Relationships International (IRI).  I also participate in a peer consultation group monthly for clinical support and am involved in a weekly Gestalt group with other clinicians working on my own personal continued journey.

 I began dating my husband when I was 19yo and we married eight years later.  We have been married over 20 years with both of us continuing to grow both individually and together.  It is important to keep a long-term intimate relationship alive by renewing it again and again- re-creating it from a new perspective as the two of you change over time.  We share three dynamic kids together who remind us how important it is to be patient, compassionate and relinquish control.     

You are not alone


Are you struggling in relationship?  A Relationship Therapist can help.  Are you feeling the profound sadness of a lack of sexual intimacy with your partner?  Does sex seem empty, rote or boring?  Are your genitals not responding like they did in the past?  Are you feeling out of control in regard to your sexual choices?  A Certified Sex Therapist can help.  Do you feel you compromise to the point of giving up your Self in order to keep peace in the relationship?  Do you desire to be heard, seen and appreciated by your partner?  Do you find yourself criticizing your partner constantly pushing them away while longing for them to be closer to you?  Would you like to be supported in conscious de-coupling (divorce)?


Is sex for you synonymous with pain, anxiety emptiness or failure?  Does it feel like your body is betraying you with its scant sexual response?  Would you like to heal from an affair?  Do you want to learn more about your genitals and their functioning in a safe environment?  Has your relationship shifted since you first started dating and you are desiring more passion? Do you want to feel more alive in your body?  Are you having difficulty comparing yourself to Hollywood images?  Are you in constant conflict with your partner, arguing over the same old things and never resolving your problems once and for all?  Love does not need to be emotionally painful.     Keep reading.

My commitment to you  

With my experience and passion for relationship work along with your commitment and desire, together we can identify what is blocking you from having the loving relationship of your dreams.  In working with me, you will benefit by: Learning to choose the right person; Staying close and connected without losing yourself; Repairing and deepening trust in your self, your partner and love; Making painful and annoying frustrations the very thing that brings you and your partner closer together and strengthens your love; building resiliency in your relationship so you can work through any situation. 

Do you want to restore your connection?


Discover what lies underneath relationship conflict and how to resolve it together.  Turn conflict into opportunity for growth.  Break free from old relationship patterns embedded since childhood and create a healthy, loving connection. 

A sex positive approach
I am committed to helping you identify and address the factors (biological, psychological, spiritual and interpersonal) that are preventing your sexual satisfaction. I maintain a sex positive approach to therapy, meaning I respect all sexual orientations, relationship structures and sexual behaviors that are consensual and non-exploitive.

What to expect
I will treat you with respect. I will hold you capable, believing your strengths are up to the challenge of addressing your relationship problems.
I will seek to reach the best parts of you.  I will challenge those parts to come forward.  I will expect you to grow in your ability to honestly look at the patterns that don't serve you and confront yourself about them.

I will work within both partner's best interest.
Each of you have a piece of the responsibility in the relationship.  What first attracted you to one another may now be the source of the power struggle.